Why Do Corporate Professionals Rely on Luxury Minibus Hire in Dublin?

Luxury mini bus hire services in Dublin can make a significant difference between a comfortable and a stressful travel experience. If you want to stand out from the competition, take a look at the benefits of choosing a luxury minibus hire in Dublin for corporate transportation.

Good First Impression –

First impressions count but especially in the corporate world. It sets the tone, forms peoples instant  opinions and impacts on how they feel about you and your company going forward. Furthermore, business delegates or corporate clients have a tendency to give you a very limited opportunity to start off on the right foot.

These first few vital seconds can help you to either win or lose a client. They can affect whether or not someone trusts you enough to build a working relationship. Luxury minibus services will help you make the best first impression possible. The clients or delegates will appreciate the effort you have gone to to arrange their transportation and will be impressed by the professional vehicle and driver.

Stylish –

One main reason corporate transportation creates a good first impression is that the vehicles are impeccably maintained and modern.

By arranging your corporate professionals or business clients to be driven in a chauffeur-driven minibus, you’ll be sure to make a good first impression.

Convenience –

Corporate travel is rarely an easy and straightforward process. Usually there are some last minute changes or flight delays but by choosing a professional minibus hire company they will help you make the necessary changes, track flights and know they are delayed so they will automatically rearrange the pick up at the airport.

When traveling, there is always the risk of a delay of some sort along the way with the possibility of arriving late and stressed to important business meetings and events. By having a professional chauffeur to meet and greet you at the airport on-time, they will do their utmost to have you at your destination on time, by knowing the best routes to avoid heavy traffic and make your travel experience as convenient as possible.

Punctuality –

When you choose a reliable chauffeured minibus hire service, you don’t need to stress about the vehicle being on time for a pick up. You can expect a professional, prompt and punctual chauffeur to arrive on time, every time. In addition, they’ll go above and beyond client’s expectations to ensure a smooth journey and arrive early even if the traffic is congested.

Safe and Sanitized –

Luxury mini bus transportation services pride themselves on the quality of their vehicles. They’re also one of the safest and convenient ways possible to get from A to B. You can expect highly trained, experienced and proficient chauffeurs to be at your disposal.

As standard every luxury vehicle is thoroughly cleaned before and after every service, but during the ongoing COVID-19 situation, you can expect every luxury vehicle to be not only thoroughly cleaned but also sanitized prior and after your journey. Rest assured that our clients’ health and wellbeing is of paramount importance. From temperature checks for drivers before each service to face masks, chauffeured minibus transportation will go out of their way to provide you with a completely safe and hygienic environment.

Bottom Line –

When it comes to choosing a chauffeured minibus hire service in Dublin, you should count on LFLCS for all of your luxury ground transportation requirements. For more information about our services, feel free to contact us today at https://www.lflcs.com/contact-us/.  

Enjoy Your Corporate Trip To The Fullest In A Minibus

A minibus hire in Dublin will take so much pressure off your shoulders. It means that you can truly relax and have the opportunity to experience a day of touring  instead of worrying about the details. There are several reasons it’s a good idea to hire a minibus.  The list is endless of why you would want to hire a minibus from a simple airport transfer, to a wedding or a corporate event or even a roadshow, minibus hire in Dublin is a must.

Minibus hire in Dublin for corporate events:

It can be both expensive and time consuming arranging separate transfers for a corporate event, especially if you are the one doing the organising! By choosing a minibus and having everyone travel together, it cuts down on expense and the time it takes to make individual bookings. It also means that the group will arrive at the venue or hotel at the same time. Corporate minibus hire in Dublin takes the pressure off your staff as the transportation is pre-arranged and the professional company will have organised all the logistics.

Minibus Hire Dublin

A corporate event does not have to be a day trip either. If you wish to take your employees for dinner or a fun night out, or team event a minibus hire has you covered. It means everyone can have a good time without worrying about how they will have to get home or back to their hotel at the end of the evening.

Experienced chauffeurs:

Your minibus chauffeur is a professional driver and well experienced giving you that all important peace of mind. With a great knowledge of the city and the time it takes to get from A to B this gives you an advantage in that you can be assured of reaching your destination on time.

If you’re looking for exceptional executive minibus hire in Dublin, then look no further. LFLCS is here to offer you the best possible experience. From an upbeat wedding party to a team building work trip, we’d be delighted to drive you.

Booking a coach or minibus in Dublin with LFLCS could not be easier. Simply let us know your travel details including your pick-up location, the destination, date, time and how many passengers you need transportation for and we’ll do the rest! For further information on our minibus hire in Dublin, call us on +353 86 414 1837!

How to find the Right Wedding Cars in Dublin – A Few Tips to Consider

Getting married soon? Looking for wedding cars in Dublin to hire and feeling confused about which style of wedding car to choose? LFL Chauffeur Services are here to help!

Choosing a wedding car is one of the crucial decisions when it comes to planning a wedding, but with numerous choices available and so many other factors to consider, it often overwhelms the person and can sometimes be left to the last minute.. However, there are several ways to find out what car is the right wedding car for you. We’ve put together a few tips to help you choose the right wedding car, have a look:

  • Vintage or Contemporary – What to Choose?

While vintage cars have a certain charm, the contemporary ones have their own style and charisma. If you wish to add a grand feel to your wedding then a vintage car like the Beauford can be the best bet. On the other hand if you want to give your wedding a contemporary flair  than modern cars such as the latest Mercedes is the best option. However, while choosing between vintage and contemporary, consider the weather and mileage as the older vehicles are not a good option for long distance travels and cold weather and can be prone to breakdowns.

Wedding Car Hire Dublin

  • Look for a Reputable Company

When it comes to wedding car hire in Dublin make sure to ask your family and closest friends for any recommendations as they can steer you in the right direction. Always consider reading the company’s TripAdvisor or Google Reviews by their previous clients as this is the best way to get a feel and to understand the quality of service they provide. Beware of cheap deals! It is always better to pay a little extra for a trustworthy and reputable company who will not let you down on your special day.

  • Make a Visit to See the Car In-Person

If possible go and see the car to make sure it’s exactly the way you imagined and consider the size of your dress so that you can easily get in and out of the car without having your dress in a ball of creases before you even get to the ceremony! Also, make sure that the company you are considering owns the vehicle and is not a broker.

Private Tours Dublin

  • Take Enough Time to Decide

Always make sure to talk with your wedding car supplier in Dublin about the right pick up time, a professional wedding car hire company will always advise you based on where your ceremony is taking place and what time you need to be there. LfL Chauffeur Services are always willing to help.  The cheapest option is not always the best option, even if you are on a tight budget, by paying a bit more for a reputable company you will have peace of mind that your chosen vehicle will arrive on time, in tip top condition and with a professional chauffeur at the wheel. Thoroughly discuss the price quoted and what it does and doesn’t include, always be upfront with the company on how long you will need the vehicle for and where you need it to go so that they can give you the best price and there are no surprises at the end of the day.

  • Avoid Disappointment by Making Early Booking

If your wedding is scheduled during the summer wedding season or a weekend then the earlier you book your wedding car the better choice of vehicles you will have, not forgetting that the best wedding car companies will have availability!  The earlier you book the better chance you have of  avoiding disappointment.


LFL Chauffeur Services is one of the most trustworthy and reputable ground transportation companies providing wedding car hire in Dublin. So if you are looking for wedding cars in Dublin consider them. Visit https://www.lflcs.com/tours/ for more information.

Top Things to Avoid Doing in Dublin

Dublin, the Emerald Isle is a hub for music, culture, history and beauty that is still waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. All these features make Dublin an excellent part of the entire Ireland that needs to be explored especially by car. So if you are planning to make a trip to Dublin and looking for ways to see more in Dublin, then before that you must learn what you should not do in the city first.

Things Not to Do in Dublin

  • Do not fall prey to common travel mistakes

You might choose to travel to nearby smaller airports to avoid the hassles and stress that you may face when you fly to Dublin Airport. Although it seems a great option but the truth is you might experience a lot of hassles making your airport transportation in the city more time-consuming and frustrated. On the other hand, if you choose to fly to Dublin Airport, you can find professional and reliable Dublin Airport transportation services. You can hop on the Dublin Bus Airlink buses. But if you wish for a comfortable and relaxing journey then you must choose private Dublin airport transportation. These services come with trained chauffeurs who possess complete knowledge about the traffic patterns and roads making your ride easier.

Private Tours Dublin

  • Do not expect to listen to authentic traditional music

If you found any advertisement in waving coloured fliers and windows of Temple Bar about traditional music concerts, then do not get fooled by these! You need to understand that traditional music is not something common to find in Dublin. If you are wandering in the city looking for traditional music, you will end up with a show that was specifically painted up for the tourists. To have a real authentic experience, you will have to look out for some of the smaller towns. You can also get advice from the locals at a nearby pub.

  • Do not drink in Temple Bar

Temple Bar is no doubt one of the favourite spots for tourists which makes it a more crowded, expensive and at time unhygienic place. Although you must make a visit to Temple Bar when in Dublin, but make sure to visit during the day time to enjoy the views of the Irish Film Institute, the Irish Photography Center, and the Temple Bar Music Center. Remember you have come to the city to explore its best and not get personal with other tourists especially during the current pandemic situations when maintaining social distance is the need of the hour. Therefore, for a better and enjoyable experience you must go off the beaten path in the city to explore some of the local favourites that are less crowded and budget-friendly.

Dublin Airport Transportation

Besides these things you should also avoid getting into a fight accidentally such as calling an Irish a British as they get intimidated by it. Another thing that you should not do while in Dublin is travel without a plan else you might end up getting tired and frustrated without enjoying Dublin to the fullest.


If you truly want to explore the best of Dublin then make sure to hire LFLCS, a premier transportation company that offers a wide variety of services beginning right from Dublin airport transportation to Business tour transportation and more. For more information visit https://www.lflcs.com/dublin-airport-transfers/

How Does Dublin Airport Transfer Help You during Corporate Events

Are you planning for a corporate event in Dublin? Though the Irish capital has lots on offer, ground transportation can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. You want your business delegates and clients to remember your event as flawless as possible. Your main objective is to take away only the corporate message that you’ve worked so hard to present.

A corporate event requires months of careful planning; but how can you make sure that the ground transportation reflects the perfection you want to represent? Here are a few useful tips for your ground transportation needs during your next Dublin corporate event:

Dublin Airport Transfers

Consider Dublin Airport transfer service.

Do your guests fly into Dublin International Airport? You know how long the transportation lines can be and how confusing the routes can be for those who are familiar with Dublin. It’s highly suggested that you should never leave your guests stranded at the airport. Schedule professional Dublin airport transfers to handle on-time pickup and drop-off of your corporate clients.

Focus on luxury service for your key event.

Whether you’re hosting a banquet, gala or any corporate event, you should focus on luxury transportation services. Most of them specialize in providing top-of-the-line luxury cars that will certainly impress your guests while allowing them to arrive at your destination on-time and in style.

Dublin Airport Transfers

Get the contact details of the professionals.

Even if you’re not looking for ground transportation for you, you want to be sure that you provide your guests with safe, reliable and convenient way to get to and from the airport in Dublin. It’s important to provide the contact information of Dublin Airport transfer service to all of your guests.

Choose the luxury minibuses for hire.

Do you want to accommodate a large number of guests at your corporate event and you want them to be driven from the airport or anywhere in Dublin safely and conveniently? Why don’t your schedule minibuses for hire in Dublin!

They’ll make sure that every guest makes it to the event on-time with complete peace of mind. The luxury mini buses are equipped with ample space and amenities to pick your guests up and drop off anywhere in Dublin.

Dublin Airport Transfers

Schedule ground transportation ahead of time.

Any ground transportation service provider can provide highly dependable and responsible chauffeurs and will work with you from planning your event to the complete ground transportation management. From finding the perfect solutions for your business delegates to managing arrivals and departures and everything in between, your ground transportation management company must be expert at handling corporate event logistics.

Bottom Line –

When it comes to planning your corporate event, you should count on LFLCS for all of your ground transportation requirements in Dublin. We have an extensive fleet of immaculately maintained, luxury cars driven by polished and consummate professionals who work constantly to make sure that everything goes on effortlessly.

While planning a corporate event, there are so many details you should worry about. Let us take the corporate event transportation stress off from your plate by scheduling our Dublin airport transfers ahead of time. Feel free to contact us as soon as possible and let us discuss about your next event and your ground transportation requirements. We’re looking forward to helping you out!

What Do You Look for in a Chauffeur Airport Transfer Service?

An exceptional chauffeur service will always add in terms of quality, comfort, and convenience to your Dublin Airport transfers.  But how do you know whether you’re choosing the right company providing Dublin Airport chauffeurs? Here are a few important qualities you should look for in a professional chauffeur:

Customer Service –

A professional chauffeur knows how to achieve the perfect balance between friendliness and your need for privacy.  Your chauffeur will take care of the simple things like looking after your luggage and opening the vehicle door for you. Using the latest technology you will be able to track your chauffeur’s arrival at your designated pick up point in real time for peace of mind. If you need any recommendations for dining or places to visit your chauffeur will be only too delighted to help. 

Dublin Airport Transfers

Top-Notch Level of Safety –

An LFL Chauffeur Service chauffeur has excellent knowledge of Dublin and their driving skills are top notch, they have a huge focus on their client’s safety. They are extensively trained on an ongoing basis to keep their skills up to date with the latest regulations.

Your professional chauffeur will have had the necessary background checks and all legal licences required by them to be a chauffeur will be in place. A company with a great reputation will have no problem in acknowledging these requirements and letting you know exactly what document is required in their city/country to allow the chauffeur and company operate in full compliance of the laws of that state.

Courtesy –

When choosing a chauffeured airport transfer service, you can expect to receive the utmost respect and courtesy. By choosing a chauffeured airport transfer service in Dublin, you are choosing to have an experience not just transportation.

Airport Transfers Dublin

Punctuality –

Although you’re hiring the award-winning chauffeur service of LFL Chauffeur Service, you will have to make reservations ahead of time to ensure availability. Whether you’re traveling to an important business meeting or a conference, you can’t afford to be late.

Using the latest industry technology your chauffeur will have mapped out your route ahead of time and know exactly how long it will take them to reach you at your desired pick up time – leaving nothing to chance. A responsible chauffeur is always conscious about time and punctuality. 

Privacy –

A dependable chauffeur understands the significance of you being able to maximize your  work time while traveling and understands the need for privacy and confidentiality. 

Final Consideration –

When it comes to choosing airport transfers in Dublin, you should choose no other than LFL Chauffeur Services.  Their reviews on  TripAdvisor and Google Review speak for themselves.  Being an award-winning ground transportation service provider since 2006 they offer hassle-free and relaxing travel experiences. We have an expert team of PAX certified chauffeurs dedicated to providing our customers with an excellent level of professionalism and reliability. For more information about our Dublin airport transfer service, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible on +353 86 414 1837 or email us at res@lflcs.com.

Travel Safely in Dublin During the Pandemic with Travel & Hospitality Awards Winner for 2021

Travel in 2020 seemed like a nightmare due to the deadly COVID 19 pandemic. People almost thought that they won’t be able to move out and experience anything but sit at home. However,
several chauffeur services made it possible for people to travel with utmost safety and comfort. And as far as travel and hospitality is concerned in Dublin, LFL Worldwide Chauffeur Services has put all the best effort to make travelling in and around Dublin a successful experience.

The resilience and unwavering commitment towards their customers has made LFL Worldwide Chauffeurs Services one of the most reliable and reputable chauffeurs service in entire Ireland. The laudable travelling experience offered by LFL Worldwide Chauffeur Services have made them the Travel & Hospitality Awards Winner for 2021.

Travel & Hospitality Awards Winner for 2021

More than 4000 nominations were received for the Travel & Hospitality Awards programme for this year. Based on thorough review of submission material, customer reviews and judging analysis, LFL Worldwide Chauffeur Services came out as the triumphant, which reflected their superior travel and hospitality standards.

The Travel & Hospitality Awards team said – “We were overwhelmed by the quality of entries this year. We hope this guide will be a useful tool for discerning travellers planning their requirements. Congratulations once again to LFL Worldwide Chauffeur Services.”

The CEO of LFL Worldwide Chauffeur Services, Myles Flood on receiving the award said – “While it’s always pleasing to be recognised for our efforts, it means even more this year. We’ve had to completely rethink the way we engage with customers to ensure their safety. From the cleaning processes we’ve put in place with our vehicles to how we’ve managed customer interactions, we’ve been singularly focused on ensuring that we provide the safest possible experience. We achieved the stringent Tourism Ireland COVID-19 Charter accreditation, and this award is further validation of our commitment to our customers.”

LFL Worldwide Chauffeur Services

What made LFL Worldwide Chauffeur Services the winner of this prestigious award?

  • Comfortable and classy vehicles
  • Courteous, reliable, friendly and professional chauffeurs
  • Experience of decades
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • High-end chauffeur and travel services
  • Commitment and dedication towards providing safest possible chauffeur services
  • Superior customer interactions management

    Besides that from airport transfers to wedding car services to group transportation services and more, LFL Worldwide Chauffeur Services have excelled in every transportation aspect in Dublin.


If you are considering to travel around Dublin, Ireland during this pandemic safely and comfortably, then get in touch with the Travel & Hospitality Awards Winner for 2021, LFL Worldwide Chauffeur Services. To know more visit https://www.lflcs.com/blog/medias/

The Benefits of Hiring Reliable Dublin Airport Car Service?

Are you considering using a Dublin airport car service for your business? Do you frequently need Dublin airport transportation to take you to your desired destination anywhere in Dublin? If the answer is yes, it’s time to take advantage of chauffeured car service in Dublin. 

There are so many benefits of using a Dublin airport limousine service. The main advantage is that they give you and your business clients a completely professional experience. An airport limo company heightens your branding and guarantees on-time arrival. 

Here are a few reasons why hiring a Dublin airport limousine service makes sense for your business:

Car Service Dublin

Comfort and Peace of Mind 

Are you attending business meetings or a conference? You’ll feel relaxed and ready to go with Dublin airport car service. Your impeccably maintained luxury car will provide you with more than enough space to work or sit back and relax between meetings. 

Optimal Reliability 

Booking your chauffeur driven ground transportation with a reliable chauffeur company will allow you to take advantage of their professionalism which lessens the stress and anxiety of organising meeting transportation both to and from Dublin International Airport. 

Professional Chauffeurs

A professional Dublin Airport car service will provide well-trained and highly certified chauffeurs who are not only familiar with Dublin but will deliver an extremely professional and stress-free experience. Dublin Airport Car Service

Improved Safety 

Safety is paramount and something you shouldn’t have to compromise on when choosing  Dublin International Airport ground transportation. Whether you need airport transportation for you or your business delegates, you should count on a reliable ground transportation company. 


A professional limo service will always track flights and adjust pick up times accordingly, the aim of a professional car service company in Dublin is seamless service.  They will do their utmost to make sure you receive the highest level of service that you have come to expect from a professional chauffeur company. 

Hiring Dublin Airport Car Service for Your Ground Transportation Needs 

Now that you’ve had the chance to read through some of  the reasons behind using Dublin Airport car services for you and your business delegates. It’s time to schedule your chauffeured car service in Dublin through LFLCS today. For immediate inquiries, feel free to reach out to the LFLCS team today and we’ll be more than happy to help! 

Why Choose Dublin Airport Transfers When Travelling With Children?

Are you traveling with children? Obviously you will need reliable airport transfers so you can relax knowing that your chauffeur will be waiting upon arriving in Dublin.  Preferably you should choose a Dublin chauffeur service that provides outstanding service and guaranteed availability of child car seats to ensure your whole family travels safely.

Not all ground transportation companies are the same. While some claim to offer the best service but it’s important to choose the company that truly is the best chauffeur service in Dublin.  One way to find such a service is to look for the most highly recommended company on trusted platforms such as TripAdvisor and Google Review.  

Dublin Airport Transfers

The top rated chauffeur service in Dublin on both TripAdvisor and Google Review is LFL Worldwide Chauffeur Service.  A family owned company delivering the premier chauffeur drive Dublin experience.  We keep a full range of sanitized car seats on hand at our garage to make sure our passengers always have the correct car seat. Don’t take our word for it, please take a moment to read the many 5* reviews from our satisfied customers.

In addition to having car seats available we offer parents of young children the convenience of a chauffeur meet and greet service inside the terminal and the added benefit of access to the VIP parking area located steps from the terminal. 

For a truly child friendly transportation service in Dublin simply click here to make your reservation.

Why Do You Hire the Reliable Dublin Airport Car Service?

Considering Dublin airport car service for your business? Do you take lifts from the airport to your desired destination anywhere in Dublin frequently? If yes, it’s time to take advantage of chauffeured car service in Dublin. 

There are so many benefits of using Dublin airport limousine services. They give you or your business clients a completely luxurious experience. An airport limo company heightens your branding and guarantees on-time arrival. 

Here are a few reasons why hiring Dublin airport limousine makes really sense for your business:

Dublin Airport Car Service

Comfort and Peace of Mind 

Are you going to attend any business meeting or conference? You’ll feel relaxed and ready to go with Dublin airport car service. Your impeccably maintained luxury car will provide you with more than enough space to extend your legs and relax throughout your trip.

Optimal Sophistication 

Exotic limos add sophistication and luxury to your overall travel experience as they are well-equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities. Your chauffeur-driven ground transportation will allow you take advantage of superior levels of luxury and will be proved to be the most comfortable and luxury transportation to and from Dublin International Airport. 

Professional Chauffeurs

Most Dublin Airport car services provide well-trained and highly certified chauffeurs ensuring that you have safe and convenient transportation. They have polite and extremely friendly chauffeurs, who are familiar with Dublin to deliver extremely stress-free and relaxing travel experiences. When you count on chauffeured car service in Dublin, you will have an expert chauffeur behind the wheels. With expert chauffeurs, you are sure to have a safe and convenient transportation to and from the Dublin International Airport. 

Improved Safety 

Safety is something that you can’t compromise while getting to and from the Dublin International Airport. Whether you need airport transportation for you or your business delegates, you should count on a reliable ground transportation company. 

Your corporate clients will be driven to your destination safely and conveniently by a well-trained and experienced chauffeur. A chauffeur knows all the ins and outs of Dublin Downtown. 

Promptness –

Professional limo services will offer you prompt pick up and drop off while leaving you completely relaxed and refreshed. They believe in offering the superior level of timely airport limo transportation in Dublin. 

Their chauffeurs keep an eye on any changes in the flight schedule to ensure that you won’t face any sort of consequences. Whether you have to catch your scheduled flight at the airport or reach anywhere in Dublin on-time, your expert chauffeurs are available to deliver the right ground transportation solutions best suiting your professional requirements. 

Hiring Dublin Airport Car Service for Your Ground Transportation Needs 

Now that you’ve understood all of the reasons behind using Dublin Airport car services for you and your business delegates. It’s time to schedule your chauffeured car service in Dublin through LFLCS today. For immediate inquiries, feel free to reach out to the LFLCS team today and we’ll be more than happy to help you further.