Four Occasions to Hire Mini Bus Service for a Top Quality, Professional Service

Are you planning a trip for 7 people or more? Why not hire a luxury mini bus service in Dublin which will transport your group in a relaxing, comfortable and cool environment.   Luxury mini bus hire services in Dublin have the capability to transform your occasion into a special one that your group will ever forget. Here are some occasions you should consider mini bus hire that can help you arrive in style and comfort to supercharge your day.

Corporate transfer

Mini Bus Hire service in Dublin is a perfect ground transportation preference for corporate guests/clients to and from an event venue, hotel or airport. Organizing corporate meetings, incentive programs, training sessions, business promotions, conferences, site inspections or any other event can be stressful if not backed by an efficient and effective transportation provider. Mini Bus Hire service in Dublin can help you and provide you with great transport solutions for your prospective clients, executives or staff members ensuring your VIP’s and guests an outstanding traveling experience.

Cruise transfers

Traveling with your family or friends in a group from Dublin Airport or a Dublin hotel to the city’s cruise port terminal or vice versa has never been so easy. As Dublin Port is extremely busy when the cruise liners are docked it’s vital to prearrange your mini bus hire service, as it will help organise the best pick up times so you arrive at Dublin Port stress free and ready to enjoy your cruise. The air-conditioned Mini Bus Hire service in Dublin presents you with the option of worry-free transfers, 24 hours a day. The expert chauffeured Mini Bus Hire service in Dublin will meet you in the Arrivals Hall at Dublin Airport or at your hotel, assist with your luggage and drive you directly to your cruise port destination. Likewise prebooking your departure transfer at the end of your cruise will ensure a hassle-free Mini Bus Hire service.

Exploring the city

While on a visit to Dublin or on any occasion you can get lost in the wonders of Dublin which offers you countless things to do and see while you’re there. From well-known museums to churches, generous green parks to flourished streets, castles and hotels to restaurants that provide mouth-watering culinary and much more. Mini Bus Hire service in Dublin will offer the opportunity for traveling in comfort, to or from an airport, hotel or cruise port. Get the most out of your journey with the best, most comfortable Mini Bus Hire service that’s appropriate for your group size. All you have to do is hire a mini bus service to make your job easy.

Airport transfers

Take the stress out of air travel and enjoy the comfort and convenience of airport transfers for your group with Mini Bus Hire service in Dublin. Your group will be met by a professional driver in the Arrivals Hall at Dublin Airport who will ensure all your travel needs are catered for. Mini Buses for Hire will always be in immaculate condition and can accommodate groups & luggage requirements of any size. With the latest tracking devises all flights are monitored for delays to ensure you experience seamless and timely pickups and are able to relax and start to enjoy your trip to Dublin.


LFL Worldwide Chauffeured Services has grown into a phenomenal transportation company providing on time, professional, reliable, and safe minibus transportation to our clients in Dublin. Whether you need transport for just 2 people or 20 we can help you. We have a fleet of vehicles including luxury cars, vans and from 8 seater minibus right up to full sized coaches we have vehicles suitable for your travel requirements that will assure your comfort and peace of mind while traveling. To discuss your requirements or to make and advance booking contact our team on +353 86 414 1837 today! Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social networks!


5 Tips to Prepare for a Business Trip to Dublin

When you’re constantly traveling for work commitments, the thought of packing, airport security, and flying feel much more like a chore. But if you’re traveling for business in Dublin and will be super busy, why not plan for some individually tailored tours or some private transfers to help elevate some of the stress of navigating the city.

You’ll more than likely have to travel for work at some point, for a conference or a company meeting, so we’ve got a few tips to make your business trip more enjoyable!

Tours in Ireland

  1. Prepare Ahead. 

Whether it’s your first or tenth business trip, preparation is key. You’re not on a vacation, so punctuality and professionalism are paramount.

Prepare yourself ahead of time and make a list of everything you want to bring – both personal and business necessities. Check thoroughly to make sure that you’ve got everything with you. 

  1. Pack Smart. 

Corporate travelers generally travel with just the essentials, as no one wants to lug around a huge suitcase! You can bring a good quality cabin sized bag – specifically designed for the business traveler. 

This bag will have a compartment for your laptop, space for paperwork, and enough room to fit other essentials. Buy the right bag and your future self will thank you for it!

  1. Skip the Queues at the Airport.

Nothing is worse than turning up at the airport on time and having to wait in long queues to check in, go through security and again to board the plane. Time is money in this day and age and the wasted time you spend queuing could be better spent preparing for your upcoming meetings or conference. Though you’re on a business trip, try to skip the queues at the airport whenever possible. So do look into what options there are available at Dublin Airport including Fast-Track and premium services. 

  1. Make The Most Of Your Time.

It seems quite rare for business travelers to be on a tight schedule that doesn’t allow any downtime. You will probably arrive at the destination on-time, do your work, and have a few hours to yourself.

If you’re in Dublin for the first-time, why not get out and explore the new surroundings? Make the most of your time by planning a private tour in Dublin


  1. Book a Chauffeur Service.

Obviously you want your business trip to go smoothly and be as hassle-free as possible. That’s were our chauffeur car service in Dublin comes in. Not only can you book chauffeured transportation from point to point for your meetings but also for a private tour in Dublin to do some sightseeing. 

Rest assured that, your chauffeur will lead the way and all you need to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the surroundings. Start planning your Dublin private tours to make the most out of your business trip. 

Conclusion –

Traveling on business for the first time in Dublin, can be both an exciting and daunting experience.

It’s time to make the most out of your time while you are in Dublin so book with LFLCS who will ensure that everything runs smoothly during your business conference and private tours in Dublin. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus social networks. 

Feel free to share your views in the comment section below! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Top Advantage of Booking Chauffeured Mini Bus Hire in Dublin

Dublin is Ireland’s capital city which needs no formal introduction but for visitors coming to Ireland from every corner of the world, it has so many things to offer. This urban city has a great history, tourist attractions, museums, theatres, galleries, pubs, shops, restaurants and is brimming with charm and unique character. In fact, the easiest and best option to help you and your group travel around this European capital city while enjoying all the interesting activities it has to offer in perfect comfort and luxury and most importantly together is in a mini bus.  From city day tours to airport transfers, mini busses provide safe and convenient transportation for a group of 7- 20 people.

A minibus is the most cost effective mode of transportation in Dublin, Ireland especially when traveling in mid-size groups; be it for city day trips or airport transfers.  Hiring a chauffeured minibus has many advantages which will definitely improve your group travel experience. Here are a few examples of them:

Chauffeured Mini Bus Hire in Dublin is the height of convenience for a group: –

Hiring a minibus in Dublin is all about the convenience for a mid-size group. Members of a group want to experience the city together which enhances the overall trip for everyone, while leaving the driving to a professional who is licensed, experienced and knowledgeable about the city and of course navigating the narrow city streets of Dublin. 

With chauffeured minibus hire in Dublin comes the freedom and flexibility for the entire group. It allows everyone to relax, interact and enjoy a break together!

If you don’t find a solution on how to take your group to your Dublin destination, then the chauffeured minibus hire will make your trip more pleasant and stress-free.

Perfect for City Day Tours-

In Dublin, city day trips are common among people traveling in groups, and they can often have luxury travel in a coach or minibus. The main problem with a large coach is that moving through narrow roads and streets becomes difficult. However, navigating narrow streets has never been a problem for a mini bus which is compact in size. Using a mini bus hire company in Dublin saves you a lot of energy and time looking around for public transportation.

Another advantage of the chauffeured mini bus is that a knowledgeable and local driver will take you on the best routes without getting lost and with the best use of your time.

Follow Your Preferred Schedule-

A chauffeured mini bus hire in Dublin will enable you to plan and personalize your trip around the schedule you prefer, rather than sticking to public transport timings, or having to adhere to a strict schedule of a pre- arranged tour. In this way, your group has the freedom to see and enjoy this fabulous city at their leisure and can change their itinerary if they wish.

Cost Effective-

A chauffeured mini bus hire in Dublin is cost- effective compared to other modes of group transportation, and it will ensure your safety on the road with a chauffeur – these advantages will certainly make you consider this option of travel.

With more leg room, luggage space and scope for socializing with your group while traveling on the road, mini bus hire in Dublin is the perfect solution for a group ride, no matter if it’s a one-way or a round trip, or a long distance trip. The chauffeur drive assures you of a comfortable, cost effective, luxurious trip enjoyed together.

LFLCS is a professional and detail-oriented luxury transportation company in Dublin, Ireland delivering high standard transfer services customized to clients’ schedule, budget and needs. It has top of the line vehicles with modern amenities, excellent interiors which are ready for hire for your group transportation in Dublin. To experience the best level of reliability, relaxation and elegance during your group ride, consider contact LFLCS on +353 86 414 1837 to reserve your mini bus hire in Dublin today!